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☁️What’s on my mind

When I look back at what I used to do with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), I can say that it was a great mail server in the beginning, but then I realized that other services were becoming more and more useful, too.

OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams, Planner, and all the security capabilities that are available today. The ecosystem is growing, and expanding … Microsoft 365 has become a universe too big for any one person to master and know in any detail.

Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and the latest Copilot. Each of these last three is a galaxy in this analogy of the universe. And each of these areas is an opportunity to offer your knowledge and expertise to potential customers.

I just checked: on Udemy you can already find more than 105 Copilot-reletad courses (with a rating of more than 4.5).

Have a nice weekend,
Matic Z.

[FEATURED STORY] Do you like the new Outlook? I do not.

The new Outlook. It’s going to be the hardest transition to the new version of an app for me ever.

Getting started with the NEW Outlook. Get familiar with the basics, such as creating a personalized signature, scheduling emails, and organizing your inbox. Take advantage of Outlook’s integration with Microsoft Teams, To Do, Loop, Viva Insights, and Copilot.

Are you looking for IT talent?

Maybe she or he is hidden among the readers of this newsletter. Many cyber security experts and outstanding sysadmins read it.

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☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

Copilot in OneDrive: A New Wave of File Interaction. This may become a game-changer in file interaction with Copilot in OneDrive, rolling out in late April 2024. This feature allows you to retrieve information from your files quickly, create content based on existing files, and even generate file summaries.

Microsoft Create: Create a to-do list in Excel. An interesting idea on how to use Excel to organize your work.

Should I let Azure OpenAI reply to my emails? Imagine having an AI assistant that could reply to all your emails for you! By using Power Automate and Azure OpenAI, you can create a system that does exactly that. It analyzes the current email chain and the last 25 emails from the sender to provide context for its responses, and it can even reply in any language.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Adding company branding to Microsoft Edge for Business. Microsoft Edge for Business now allows you to add company branding, providing a more personalized and secure browsing experience for your employees. This feature includes adding organization details such as the company name, color, and logo to the profile pill and flyout, as well as overlaying the company logo on the Microsoft Edge for Business icon in the taskbar.

Ping Command with Examples. Who would have thought that Ping could be all that’s described in this article? Master the art of using the Ping command in Windows to troubleshoot connectivity, reachability, and name resolution issues.

My Favorite Multi-tenant Tools for Microsoft 365 Cloud. Managing multiple Microsoft tenants can be a challenge for Managed Services Providers (MSPs), but there are tools designed to streamline this process. Check out these tools to simplify your multi-tenant management and enhance your MSP’s capabilities.

Microsoft Exchange Online: Release of View Another Mailbox feature in the new Exchange admin center. Managing multiple mailboxes just got easier with the new “View Another Mailbox” feature in the Exchange admin center (EAC). With just a few clicks, you can access and manage all the mailboxes you have permission for, making your Microsoft 365 experience more efficient.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Stopping Spam Sent from Bad Microsoft 365 Domains. Spammers have been increasingly using Microsoft 365 tenants to send unwanted emails, often from onmicrosoft.com domains. To protect your inbox, consider creating a mail flow rule to block or divert messages from onmicrosoft.com domains to the quarantine. Check out the full details and steps on how to implement this rule

Learn About 8 Common Cyber Security Threats. Get familiar with key cyber threats like phishing, malware, SQL injection, and social engineering. Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your personal and professional data from potential attacks.

How to manage break-glass accounts in Microsoft Entra ID. Securing your corporate cloud is crucial, and break-glass accounts can be a lifesaver when standard access methods fail. These special accounts have the highest privileges and should be exempt from all restrictions. To ensure their security, it’s recommended to have at least two break-glass accounts, each with different security measures.

Restoring Data with Microsoft 365 Backup (Preview). Microsoft 365 Backup is currently in public preview, offering protection for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online data. The main selling point is its fast and easy restoration process, with data stored in the Microsoft Cloud for instant accessibility.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Copilot AI Features Make Microsoft Edge Go To Browser. Microsoft Edge’s latest update introduces Copilot AI, an intelligent assistant that simplifies tasks and offers personalized recommendations while browsing. Copilot’s features include a rewrite tool for enhancing social media posts, screenshot assistance, and locating specific moments in videos. Additionally, Edge now allows you to easily read PDFs in any language. 


March 31, 2024 – Classic Teams retirement. You’ll have to deploy the new Teams client.

April 15, 2024 – Microsoft Stream (Classic) retirement. Final stage. All data on Stream Classic will be deleted. Migrate to the new Stream (on Sharepoint).

By September 30, 2024 – Business Connectivity Services (BCS) retirement in Microsoft 365. (Timeline and alternative solution)

December 16, 2024Retiring of Delve application.

End of 2024 – Mail and Calendar Apps in Windows will be retired. The new Outlook will be installed on new Windows 11 devices.

October 2026Retirement of Microsoft Publisher app which has been a part of Office Suite for years.

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