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☁️What’s on my mind

I live in a country where work is an important value. We generally work a lot, we are exhausted when we retire, and we are not very productive. At least, that is what the statistics show.

If I listen to the great gurus of productivity and entrepreneurship, I often hear that more work is not the solution and that we need to work smarter.

So when I look back over the last few years, I see that there have been huge shifts in productivity.

We can work from anywhere – the pandemic has provided a tremendous push for remote working. Teams has become a standard tool in virtually every company.

At the same time, we’ve got tools that automate tedious tasks. The development of the Power Platform is remarkable. Now we can focus on the important tasks.

The generative AI revolution has come and it has made us think. Are humans even needed anymore? But if ever, it turns out that AI has again blown away some of the tasks we have been avoiding. We have become more creative (I hope). We expect a lot from Copilots when they become available. But will we be more creative and productive? We shall see.

Oh, and Python is coming straight to Excel. A wet dream for data geeks.

Let’s go work smarter.

Have a really nice rest of the week,
Matic Z.

For those types who like to dig into the data, look for patterns, look for trends, and use Python to help them do their job, this is a dream come true. Coming soon to your nearest theater (Excel). 🙂

Introducing Python in Excel: The Best of Both Worlds for Data Analysis and Visualization.

Microsoft Excel to let you run Python scripts as formulas.

Are you looking for IT talent?

Maybe she or he is hidden among the readers of this newsletter. Many cyber security experts and outstanding sysadmins read it.

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☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

B2B Sync – SharePoint in Microsoft 365. When you need to synchronize files from another organization to your File Explorer, here’s the solution.

How to disable link preview in Outlook on the web. Usually less is more. Easily disable link previews in Outlook by following a few simple steps. This helps maintain a clean and professional email appearance while preventing potential security risks associated with linked content.

Create a ChatGPT in PowerApps. Create a ChatGPT in PowerApps to enhance your app’s user experience with AI-powered conversational capabilities. This powerful integration allows you to build interactive, natural language interfaces for your applications, streamlining user interactions and boosting engagement.

Measuring Productivity: Microsoft Copilot. Measuring productivity with Microsoft Copilot can help you optimize your workflow and make data-driven decisions. This innovative tool provides valuable insights into your work patterns, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and maximize efficiency.

How to Use Multiple Monitors with Windows 365 Cloud PC. You can connect up to 16 monitors, depending on the license. Follow the step-by-step guide to configure your settings and start enjoying the benefits of an expanded workspace.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

How to Effectively Use Microsoft 365 Admin Center Reports? Maximize your Microsoft 365 Admin Center experience by effectively utilizing its reports. 

How to build a call center with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft is also increasingly becoming a phone service provider. If we build on this fact, then it is a logical step that we might also want to build a call center management solution. Is it even possible?

PowerShell tutorial – beginning with PowerShell. Dive into the world of PowerShell with this comprehensive tutorial designed for beginners. Master the basics, including syntax, cmdlets, and scripting, while also learning about advanced features like loops and error handling. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be well-equipped to automate tasks and manage your Windows environment more efficiently.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Safeguard Schools From Cybercrime: Why A Backup Plan Matters. Protecting schools from cybercrime is essential due to the sensitive data they possess and their growing vulnerability to cyberattacks. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan should encompass data backup, employee education, and stringent access management.

Microsoft Edge for Business is now available, helping organizations maximize productivity and security. Microsoft Edge for Business has officially launched, delivering a browser experience designed specifically for organizations. This version offers improved security, productivity, and compatibility while integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365 services.

AD-Based Attacks in 2023 – What We’ve Learned So Far. Cybercriminals continue to exploit AD vulnerabilities, with ransomware and credential theft being two significant threats. To protect your organization, ensure you implement a robust security strategy that includes regular patching, monitoring, and employee training.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Teach a Man to Phish and He’s Set for Life. Phishing attacks continue to be a significant cybersecurity threat, with criminals constantly evolving their tactics. To protect yourself, stay informed about the latest phishing techniques and be cautious with unsolicited emails, especially those requesting sensitive information. For me personally, Brian Kreb’s writings on cybercrime are some of the best on the web. His investigative stories often read like a suspense crime novel.

Impact of AI in Storytelling and Creativity.  By generating unique ideas, enhancing narratives, and assisting in content creation, AI tools empower creators to push boundaries. However, ethical concerns arise as AI-generated content challenges the definition of originality and authorship. Embrace the potential of AI in storytelling while remaining mindful of its implications.


August 31, 2023 – Microsoft will retire Kaizala. After the retirement date, access to and support for Kaizala will be discontinued. 

October 10, 2023 – Office 2016 and Office 2019 will no longer be supported when connecting to Microsoft 365. While these versions may still be able to connect to Microsoft 365, their connections will not be supported and may experience performance or reliability issues in the future. Official documentation here.

November 15-16, 2023Microsoft Ignite 2023

January 2024, Wiki page in Teams retiring. More info here. (ThanksTeresa for providing a reminder!)

February 15, 2024 – Microsoft Stream (Classic) retirement. Final stage. You can use Stream on Sharepoint.

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