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☁️What’s on my mind

An acquaintance of mine, who is a big tech enthusiast but doesn’t believe in the long-term success of cloud technology, made me think a few days ago.

All the cloud service providers are building huge data centers that are guzzling enormous amounts of electricity and, worryingly, enormous amounts of water. People are forbidden to water their gardens, but the data center must stay cool.

Just these days, the people of Uruguay are arguing with Google because they want to keep their drinking water sources intact.

Which side would you choose in the water wars if you had to choose between water to drink and your internet access?

Have a really nice rest of the week,
Matic Z.

In case you registered (or even if you didn’t) and didn’t attend, you can get a quick summary of what was announced at the largest Microsoft partner conference just over a day ago on the link below.

Keynote highlights and top news.

☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

New OneDrive simplified sharing. Discover the new OneDrive simplified sharing feature in this article. Effortlessly share files, boost efficiency, and enhance collaboration. 

Microsoft Teams Animated Background now Available. Looking to jazz up your Microsoft Teams meetings? Explore the world of animated backgrounds to make your virtual workspaces more engaging. At least that is why animated backgrounds were introduced. But in reality? Do you find them distracting or helpful?

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Microsoft Entra ID The Complete Beginners Guide. Entra ID is a completely new beast in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Just kidding. Entra ID = Azure AD and vice versa. Anyway … this is a very fresh and very well presented tutorial that you need to watch.

Announcing Client Credential Flow for SMTP AUTH in Exchange Online.  CCF for SMTP AUTH allows applications to use Modern authentication for submitting authenticated emails to Exchange Online without the need for interactive sign-on.

Configure WordPress SMTP to send emails via Microsoft 365. Enhance your WordPress email deliverability with a reliable SMTP configuration. Follow this comprehensive guide to set up your WordPress site with a more secure and efficient email system.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Learn More About Challenging Security Threats in Microsoft 365. This is an interesting read, especially if you want to ensure your data stays protected. The author dives into various issues like identity theft, phishing attacks, and other potential threats.

The 5 Most Common Conditional Access Misconfiguration. It turns out these misconfigurations can leave your data vulnerable, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Have a look and make sure your system is properly set up to avoid any security risks.

Microsoft Brings Improvements to DMARC. Microsoft is making improvements to DMARC, a protocol for email authentication. These updates aim to strengthen email security and reduce phishing attacks for Microsoft 365 users. They’ve made some significant changes. Give it a look to understand how these improvements can benefit your organization’s email security.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Should I use Hybrid Azure AD Join or not? The eternal dilemma is whether to choose a hybrid Microsoft 365 setup or not. There are pros and cons.

Microsoft still unsure how hackers stole Azure AD signing key. This key was used in the SolarWinds supply chain attack, which affected numerous organizations a while back ago. The incident highlights the importance of robust cybersecurity measures, even for major players like Microsoft.

How Microsoft kept its underwater datacenter connected while retrieving it from the ocean. The story about the underwater datacenter is fascinating by itself. But having it connected to the internet throughout the entire process of lifting it to the surface is another great achievement.


August 15, 2023 – No more uploading to Stream (Classic). Part of Stream (Classic) retirement roadmap. Start migrating.

August 31, 2023 – Microsoft will retire Kaizala. After the retirement date, access to and support for Kaizala will be discontinued. 

October 10, 2023 – Office 2016 and Office 2019 will no longer be supported when connecting to Microsoft 365. While these versions may still be able to connect to Microsoft 365, their connections will not be supported and may experience performance or reliability issues in the future. Official documentation here.

November 15-16, 2023Microsoft Ignite 2023

February 15, 2024 – Microsoft Stream (Classic) retirement. Final stage. You can use Stream on Sharepoint.

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