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In the last few weeks, not a day goes by that I don’t see an article on ChatGPT somewhere. I tried it myself several times, confused it by claiming that 2+2 = 5, and of course, it apologized to me that it was wrong and I was right.

Somewhere on the internet, I found it even funnier case when someone claimed that 5 + 2 = 8 because his wife claims so. And ChatGPT says: “If your wife says it’s 8 then it must be 8.”

Jokes aside, I find the development of AI and how it can help us in our daily work much more important than something as pointless as the metaverse.

What does it add to human productivity or even its development to be able to buy virtual sports shoes or get my nails done in the metaverse for an obscenely high price?

Would you agree that ChatGPT has much more significance than metaverse?

Have a really great day.
Matic Z.

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One of the more useful options on the page is the feature matrix. Interested in how big is the inbox in Microsoft 365 Business Premium and how big is the online archive? Find out on the Feature Matrix.

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☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to add animated backgrounds in a Microsoft team Meeting? Discover the solution to adding a dynamic background to your Microsoft Teams meetings – learn how to use PNG files instead of GIFs.

Workflows in Microsoft Teams for more productivity. Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the constant influx of chats, messages, and collaboration requests on Microsoft Teams? Discover how workflows can help you streamline your daily work and gain more control over your tasks and projects. Learn how to set up and use templates for follow-up messages, scheduling, and storing chats for later, all within the Teams App.

How to create a Board of Directors Site in SharePoint Online. Creating a Board of Directors Site in SharePoint Online is a common requirement for many non-profit and for-profit organizations. This guide explains the steps required to create such a site, including determining the proper type of site, deciding on the site template and look and feel, inventorying content, and translating content to web parts in SharePoint.

How do I restore my lost OneNote files? Uncover the mystery of lost OneNote notes and discover how to recover them (if it’s even possible) with the help of an expert administrator in this thrilling tale of technology troubleshooting.

Speed up your Excel workbooks with Check Performance in Excel for the Web. Say goodbye to sluggish Excel workbooks and hello to lightning-fast calculations with Check Performance in Excel for the Web. Very short but useful video.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Microsoft 365 Shared Mailboxes & How they REALLY Work! Get ready to master Exchange shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365. This Youtube video covers everything from setup and management to troubleshooting and licensing, including the ability to convert a regular mailbox and back. If you’re a Microsoft 365 admin, don’t miss out on this essential skill.

Checking the Release of Quarantined Messages. Uncover the mystery of missing messages with our innovative solution for tracking released quarantined messages using Exchange Online’s unified audit log, mail flow rules, and PowerShell scripting. Get a complete picture of who released the message, when and what information it contained all in one place.

Everything you need to know about Shared Channels in Teams. Learn how to invite internal and external users to a specific channel without granting them access to the entire team and all its conversations. Say goodbye to the age-old question of creating a new team or channel and discover the limitations and benefits of Shared Channels in this comprehensive article.

☁️Security & Data Governance

4 Practical Benefits of Using a SharePoint Analytics Tools. Considering SharePoint analytics tools but aren’t sure if they’re worth buying into? Here’s a thorough breakdown of why they’re critical.

Migrating MFA Settings To Authentication Methods. Azure AD has released a process for migrating from legacy MFA and SSPR authentication methods to the new unified Authentication Methods policies. With the migration window open until January 2024, manage all your various authentication methods from a single place and ensure your Conditional Access rules are up to date. However, be mindful of legacy methods such as Hardware OATH tokens and Security Questions that may not yet be available in the new policy. Upgrade your security and streamline your authentication process with the new Authentication Methods.

8 Critical Steps to Prepare Against Ransomware Attacks. Looking to improve your security against ransomware? Follow these 8 practical tips to build a stronger security stance against cyber attacks.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Microsoft Teams Premium licensing. Are you looking to enhance your Microsoft Teams experience and take advantage of advanced features like personalized and intelligent meetings, enhanced protection, and advanced management capabilities? Look no further than Microsoft Teams Premium, the add-on license that can provide your organization with all of these benefits and more! Learn more about how Teams Premium compares to Teams, the requirements for purchasing it, and how to set it up in our in-depth article.

How To Launch A Power BI Career (or side-hussle). Want to change careers or build a new skill set? Power BI may be the answer. But where do you start? The idea of making a career change or acquiring a new skill can be daunting. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking it’s too complex, or that you’re too old to learn something new.


April 11, 2023 – Microsoft Office 2013 – End of support. You might experience performance or reliability issues if you continue to use Office 2013 with Microsoft 365 services because it will no longer be a supported client to connect to M365. MC357842 

April 11, 2023 – Exchange Server 2013 – End of support.

August 31, 2023 – Microsoft will retire Kaizala. After the retirement date, access to and support for Kaizala will be discontinued. 

October 10, 2023 – As of October 10, 2023, Office 2016 and Office 2019 will no longer be supported when connecting to Microsoft 365. While these versions may still be able to connect to Microsoft 365, their connections will not be supported and may experience performance or reliability issues in the future. 

November 15-16, 2023Microsoft Ignite 2023

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