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☁️What’s on my mind

Yesterday I realized how IT has completely changed in some businesses, while in others it remains the same old same old. Because it’s hard to do otherwise.

I was in a meeting with a company that develops solutions for industrial automation, optimization of manufacturing processes, energy efficiency, and so on.

They rely heavily on on-premises IT systems and locally installed SQL databases. Clearly, industrial manufacturing has a demand for extremely low latency networks.

And now they are faced with the task of adapting to the changes in the Microsoft Partner System. They have virtually nothing to do with cloud services, so getting any kind of Microsoft partner status is practically a losing battle for them.

The world is going to the cloud and it is becoming increasingly obvious that some will be left out.

Have a really great day.
Matic Z.

With the recent release of Cross-Tenant User Data Migration, consolidating different tenants has been made a bit simpler. In the guide on the links, you’ll go through setting up a mailbox migration using an invitation and consent model, Azure Active Directory, and Exchange Online.

M365 Cross Tenant Migration. Part I. You’ll want to start here since the article lays the foundation for Part II. and Part III.

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☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

Microsoft Teams Added Delete Chat Feature, 800+ Emoji Reactions. Get ready to streamline your teamwork with Microsoft’s latest updates to Teams, including a convenient delete chat feature, a huge selection of new emoji reactions, Adobe Acrobat integration, and more.

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.How to change the expiration date for Teams Meeting Recordings. Don’t let your Teams meeting recordings expire too soon. Learn the step-by-step guide as an admin and user on how to adjust the expiration date for Teams Meeting Recordings.

 How to enable Dark Mode in OneDrive. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to Dark Mode in OneDrive. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to enable the feature on the Windows/Mac OS OneDrive App, on the web, and in the mobile version of the app.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Adding QR Codes to Microsoft Authenticator for Azure AD Guest Accounts. It is more or less clear to everyone how to set (and reset) the MFA for full members of an organization. But when it comes to guest accounts, MFA works a little differently and it’s good to know the trick from the article.

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft 365 Login Problems. Eliminate the frustration of Microsoft 365 login issues with this comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Get the step-by-step instructions and best practices you need to quickly resolve the problem and get back to work

22 Best SharePoint Migration Tools. Migrating SharePoint is often quite complex, whether it’s from on-premises to the cloud or cross-tenants. Thankfully, there are quite a few 3rd party solutions on the market that make this task easier.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Email encryption in Microsoft 365. Stay secure with multiple encryption options in Microsoft 365. Learn about the latest encryption options including Microsoft Purview Message Encryption, S/MIME, Information Rights Management (IRM), and Transport Layer Security (TLS) in this in-depth comparison article.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: End to End Encryption in Meetings with Teams Premium. Get ready for secure, private communications with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) for Meetings in Teams Premium. Learn about the caveats and best practices for E2EE implementation and discover how it differs from E2EE for VOIP calls. Learn how to enable E2EE in Teams Admin Centre, what features will be unavailable, and the phasing out of support. The in-depth article ahead.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

SC-900 Exam now has FREE practice tests. There is nothing I can add here. A very short article, but with extremely good news for those who want to get certified.

An Introduction to Cloud PCs. Windows 365 is becoming a forefront product and Microsoft is merging Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 in an effort to increase sales growth for their virtual desktop solutions.


April 11, 2023 – Microsoft Office 2013 – End of support. You might experience performance or reliability issues if you continue to use Office 2013 with Microsoft 365 services because it will no longer be a supported client to connect to M365.

April 11, 2023 – Exchange Server 2013 – End of support.

November 15-16, 2023Microsoft Ignite 2023

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