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Issue #103

☁️What’s on my mind

This is the very last issue of the Microsoft 365 Weekly Newsletter – this year. Next week, of course, a new issue with new great links.

I wish you all the best for the year ahead, with as little cloud downtime as possible and absolutely no lost data.

May your journey be full of data-full clouds. 🙂

Have a really great day.
Matic Z.

I was reminded by a reader that I may not be paying enough attention to data backup in a Microsoft 365 environment. Yes, probably that’s true.

Of course, it’s not just backup that deserves special attention. I see at least a few other similar big topics that should be covered. What do you think, would you be interested in reading a special monthly issue of the newsletter that covered one topic in more detail?

I would be very grateful for your feedback as it would give me some guidance to follow.
Just click on the answer you find most suitable.

Yes, I would gladly read a special monthly issue of the Microsoft 365 Newsletter.

No, don’t bother. I will not read it.

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☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

6 Things You’re Doing WRONG⚡in PowerPoint. This nice video by Leila Gharani covers common mistakes made in Microsoft PowerPoint and provides tips and tricks for improving presentation preparation, including how to properly copy and paste data from Excel, design impressive slides, adjust and replace fonts, use professional transitions, and edit images and embed videos.

Add New Teams Group Chat Participants with @Mentions. @mentions are a feature in Microsoft Teams that allows users to mention someone in a chat or message by using the “@” symbol followed by their name or email address. Here’s how you can use it to add new participants to the chat and save a few clicks.

The NEW Microsoft Stream. In this tutorial video, learn about the new features of Microsoft Stream 2.0. The updated Stream is built on OneDrive/SharePoint and offers enhanced control for users. Watch to discover the updates to the screen recorder, transcription, sharing options, chapters, and more. Note that your IT administrator will need to switch your organization to the new Stream.

Teams Premium. Microsoft Teams has introduced new meeting security options with its Premium licensing model. These options can be used to protect sensitive information shared during meetings, such as board meetings or kick-off meetings with clients, by preventing screenshots and presenting attendees with a blank screen.

SharePoint vs. Yammer: What’s the difference. Yammer has always seemed to me like a stranger in the Microsoft 365 world. How is it different from other similar services?

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

An Introduction and How to Setup Windows 365 Enterprise. Windows 365 is the next-gen cloud PC for those who need a computer in the cloud and have at their disposal anytime and anywhere. How do you set things up and what licenses do you need?

Managing Hybrid Exchange Online Without Installing an Exchange Server. In April 2022, Microsoft released the ability to manage Active Directory-synced attributes (Hybrid Identity) to Azure Active Directory for Exchange without a full Exchange Server installation. In this article, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Upgrade distribution lists to Microsoft 365 Groups in Exchange Online. M365 groups are simply better, more rich and powerful version of distribution lists. Upgrade your distribution lists to get new features. More on the link.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Microsoft to discontinue Authenticator on Apple Watch in January 2023. Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on another perfectly useful feature.

Break glass accounts and Azure AD Security Defaults. Security Defaults is a very useful feature that helps enforce multi-factor authentication for all users, blocks legacy authentication, and includes Azure AD Identity Security features. It is especially useful for smaller organizations. However, many small businesses and even larger ones are unaware of how this feature works and where to start with it. Ohh, and one more thing: break-glass accounts and security defaults do not mix well.

Bypassing Azure AD home tenant MFA and CA. In a nutshell: When a user logs in directly to a resource tenant, their home tenant’s Conditional Access (CA) policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are not evaluated. This means that home tenant administrators do not have complete control over their users’ authentication process and cannot protect their tenant membership data. So, what to do? This is a very in-depth article with some valuable recommendations.

Microsoft Entra- A New Approach for Identity and Access Solutions. Microsoft Entra is a new addition to the Microsoft family that focuses on identity and access management, including Azure Active Directory. The main problem Microsoft aims to solve is the complexity of managing virtual access in various scenarios.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Microsoft Syntex – Structured Document Processing Model. Microsoft has made several updates to Structured Document Processing Models, including the ability to deploy new models to multiple sites or libraries, and the ability to classify and extract values from structured or semi-structured documents like forms and invoices. These updates make it easier to use Structured Document Processing Models and make the process more efficient.

The Role of SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365. Microsoft considers Sharepoint to be one of the three pillars of Microsoft 365. SharePoint Online is the main document management service for Microsoft 365. Many people do not realize they use SharePoint Online because they access it through other apps.


April 11, 2023 – Microsoft Office 2013 – End of support. You might experience performance or reliability issues if you continue to use Office 2013 with Microsoft 365 services because it will no longer be a supported client to connect to M365.

April 11, 2023 – Exchange Server 2013 – End of support.

November 15-16, 2023Microsoft Ignite 2023

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