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☁️What’s on my mind

Last week I took the time to completely unplug and these few lines will have nothing to do with cloud computing. If I didn’t need Google and its navigation services, I could say I was completely off-grid. Among other things, I was sipping excellent coffee in Tuscany.

For a taste of where I’ve been, this photo of a beautiful landscape.

Have a really great day.
Matic Z.

☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

Getting Rid of Everything Except Numbers (Microsoft Excel trick). A good trick from the wizard of Excel. Useful when you need to punch letters out of the string and you only need numbers.

Top 10 best new Microsoft Teams features for effective collaboration. There are a lot of new things in Teams and it’s hard to choose the best. Someone from the Microsoft team has apparently taken heart and compiled a list of the best new features.

Microsoft 365 Groups: Explained. A clean-cut breakdown of everything you need to know about M365 groups.

How To Protect a Document With a Password. No tip&trick is too basic even if it seems everybody knows it. Setting a password on a document is really easy but still, so many people don’t know that this option even exists.

Features in Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint). Some more information on what is currently available in Stream (on Sharepoint) and what is to come.

The 10 Worst Things About Windows 11. I have been using Windows 11 since it was released. And there are some things that get on my nerves every day. Apparently, I am not the only one. Whatever the things that annoy me, Windows 11 seems to me to be a step in the right direction for the time being. I hope that Microsoft will listen to users and will fix these things that annoy us.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Change the SharePoint domain name in your Microsoft 365 Tenant. To be clear: you can’t change the tenant name of your M365 organization. But you can change the URL of a Sharepoint that is different than your tenant name. Your users will see this new URL when they open Sharepoint sites or when they share OneDrive files.

To Enable Shared Channels Between Two Organisations. Sharing data between organizations is now becoming smoother. Shared channels is the feature that makes it happen.

How to Create and Use Azure AD Cross Tenant Access Policies. Azure cross-tenant access policies control collaboration with external tenants using features like Teams Shared Channels.

Using Cross-Tenant Access Settings for Azure B2B Collaboration. When Azure AD introduced cross-tenant access settings, the focus was on enabling Teams shared channels. Azure AD B2B Collaboration uses the same controls.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Protecting Administrator Mailboxes from Phishing and Other Threats. How to use Exchange transport rules to protect administrator mailboxes from malware and phishing attempts.

Microsoft Adds Security Defaults to Unprotected Office 365 Tenants. For any tenant created before October 2019, Microsoft will turn on the security defaults option. This is now a certainty. The only question is how to prepare for it.

Microsoft Defender for Business post setup wizard recommendations. It is not good practice to leave the settings of any service or software at the default settings. Defender for business is no exception. Do this and you’ll sleep much better.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Which Microsoft 365 Plan is Right for Your Business? Are you preparing to enroll your organization in a Microsoft 365 plan but aren’t sure which is the best fit? This guide should help!

How To Be A Good IT Manager. To be brutally honest, I have made quite a few mistakes myself. That is when a list like this would have come in very handy.


October 1, 2022 – Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online. This may fast become a serious issue for unprepared organizations.

October 3, 2022 – New rules for achieving MS partnership designations are in place.

April 11, 2023 – Exchange Server 2013 – End of support.

April 11, 2023 – Microsoft Office 2013 – End of support. You might experience performance or reliability issues if you continue to use Office 2013 with Microsoft 365 services because it will no longer be supported client to connect to M365.

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