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The amount of changes for partners that Microsoft has prepared and delivered in the last six months has not happened, to exaggerate a little, in the last 10 years. The cancellation of the OLP programe, the New Commerce Experience, the price increases. Even working for a Microsoft distributor myself, I find it difficult to keep up with and understand all the changes.

And the changes are not quite over yet. Microsoft is preparing an overhaul in its partner programs.

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[FEATURED STORY] Global cyberwar goes hand in hand with the war in Ukraine.

The fighting in Ukraine is clearly not over any time soon. But even before the occupation, the war in the cyber world has begun. An excellent cyber security journalist Brian Krebs has written a whole series of articles on the subject and they are very interesting reading material. Almost like a thriller.

Report: Recent 10x Increase in Cyberattacks on Ukraine.

Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part I: Evasion (Part II: The Office, Part III: Weaponry, Part IV: Cryptocrime)

☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

When NOT to Use Microsoft Teams. Teams is not a panacea for every use case. If you’re just looking for a virtual meeting solution, there are plenty of other solutions on the market that may even be better than Teams. In fact, the Zoom experience is still much better than Teams.

PROPERLY Share Your Screen in a Microsoft Teams Meeting (For BEST Experience!). If you don’t already follow Leila Gharani’s extremely good content, now is the time to subscribe to her YouTube channel. This video on the link is about how to avoid screen-sharing hassles.

How to stay in the Loop using mobile Teams! Have you tried Loop components? A great Microsoft innovation, I tell you. Dynamic components are available to you on mobile phones.

Office Mobile Apps Now Support Co-Authoring Encrypted Documents. I admit I’m not a team player when it comes to writing texts. I just can’t stand the idea of someone looking over my shoulder one way or another while the creative process and editing is going on in my head. For this reason, I have never liked co-authoring. But what is a nightmare for me is a necessary process for others.

Work Around Teams Meeting Co-Organizer Limitations. Yes, the limitations of the co-organizer are very frustrating, but I hope that this will improve soon, because it is, after all, a co-organizer is a feature that is not even available to everyone yet. It is certainly good that you are aware of these limitations.

You can do more with OneNote for the web and in Teams. Sometimes I feel like a little child when try out new things in Microsoft 365. I am a very big fan of the OneNote service and I like that the web app is evolving as well. Apart from Notepad++, OneNote is the only note-taking service I use.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

How to set up expiration for guest access to SharePoint and OneDrive. I can only agree with the author of the article when he says: “Trying to understand external sharing requires lots of patience and alcohol consumption.” LOL.  But if you want to improve governance within your organization, you can now set an expiration for guest access in SharePoint and OneDrive. Better expiration than everlasting links.

Use Azure Front Door to Leverage Microsoft’s Global Network for Exchange. With Azure Front Door, you can reduce the strain on Exchange through caching, content compression, and filtering out malicious bots before traffic even hits the on-premises network. How you can use Front Door to reduce your on-premises Exchange Server load and increase OWA Client performance.

Generate Basic Microsoft Teams Report without PowerShell. Powershell is omnipotent, but sometimes it’s easier to do something in the admin console by simply clicking around.

Finding Transport Rule Size. Did you know that a transport rule can be up to 8 KB in size? This is the point at which the problems start.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Web filtering overview for Defender for Endpoint. Just that … overview of web filtering feature in Defender.

Keeping Outlook Email Private and Confidential. Delegates often process Outlook email for others. It’s a feature that works well. That is, until protected email arrives. Delegates shouldn’t be able to read protected email …

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Four Ways Businesses are Failing at Collaboration. When a company decides only on the tech stack for collaboration, but does not consider the business processes, disaster usually follows.

Large vs. Small Organizations: The Differences in Information Governance. What are the differences and who has the advantage? The answer may be surprising.

Exposing Common Myths About Cloud Transformation. Digital transformation is a BS. Mostly. Because it’s talked about by people who are not familiar about the basic concepts. Two myths covered in article.


June 14, 2022 – Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 – End of Support.

April 11, 2023 – Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Office 2013 – End of Support.

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