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I have been reading the news lately that Germany, known for its correctness, orderliness, standards, and so on, is afraid of becoming a target of highly sophisticated hacker attacks. The reason is to be found in their condemnations of Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Whether we want it or not, this year practically everyone will face an IT security incident of one kind or another. I assume that companies will find extra resources to protect the users of cloud services because users are the most vulnerable link, not the infrastructure.

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90% of all breaches start with email. What percentage of your employees would spot a real phishing email?

☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to Turn Off Animations in Microsoft Teams Easily. I have never understood how they can add such crap as animated gifs to productivity tools like Teams. If you really want to be productive at work, turn it all off and be as zen as possible.

How To Access OneDrive From PC Without Syncing. Sometimes I just want to be able to access OneDrive without having to synchronize files or install the OneDrive app. How? In the video.

Best practices for successful large meetings in Microsoft Teams. Managing a meeting with many participants is really difficult if there are no clear rules. I was recently involved in a meeting with almost 1.000 participants, and there is always someone who does not follow the rules, who accidentally turns on the microphone, and so on. How do you make such meetings as streamlined as possible?

[coming soon] in public preview: Meeting co-organizer. It is precisely in situations where it is difficult for one person to run a meeting (previous link) with many participants that the option of a co-organizer will come in handy.

Recording Podcasts via Microsoft Teams Best Practices Guide. Listening to podcasts has been on the rise for a few years now. And there is no shortage of people recording them. You can also record a guest interview in a high-quality audio in a Teams meeting.

5 ways to create a Poll in Microsoft 365. There are always many different ways to do one thing. You can do polls in at least 5 ways. How?

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Defender for Endpoint server licensing. Licensing rules for some of Microsoft products are sometimes extremely confusing. So how do I get server licences for Defender for Endpoint? In 3 words: It is complicated.

Automated user tenant access control. Want to limit the time users can access Microsoft 365 services? You use Conditional Access and PowerAutomate, and there it is.

Teams Shared Channels Bring Their Own Challenges. Teams Shared Channels will be available in public preview in March. Exciting as it is to get new functionality, shared channels come with their own challenges.

Diving into the Details of Microsoft Teams Shared Channels. An in-depth technical article on what Teams shared channels will bring to the users.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Why It’s a Good Idea to Review and Remove Inactive Azure AD Guest Accounts Annually. Over time, Microsoft 365 tenants tend to accumulate large numbers of guest accounts in Azure AD. Maybe you should remove them.

Ten Ways to Harden the Security of Your Microsoft 365 Tenant – Part 2. Microsoft’s security stack has become very feature-rich and offers many ways to customize the configuration. In the second part of the “Ten Ways to Harden the Security of Your Microsoft 365 Tenant” series, there are five ways to secure your environment using controls that require a premium license such as Office E5 or Azure AD Premium.

Microsoft Launches New Endpoint Security Solution for SMBs. Defender for Business is now available to users.

Privileged Identity Management auditing options. Privileged Identity Management or PIM is a way to allow the ability for users to escalate their rights on-demand via approvals as well as being audited. This video shows you locations in the Azure portal where these logs are located for both the user escalating and the tenant administrator.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

5 Tips to Optimize and Reduce Microsoft 365 Licensing Cost. As some of Microsoft 365 license price increases, it’s time to revisit the license usage. These tips will help you optimize Microsoft 365 license usage & reduce cost.

Shared responsibility in the cloud. With cloud services, it can be difficult to determine what is the responsibility of the provider and what is the responsibility of the user. This article explains shared responsibility model.

How to Start Your Cloud Career Without Experience in 2022? There is a serious shortage of IT staff who know how to work with cloud services. How do you secure a job in this field without experience?


June 14, 2022 – Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 – End of Support.

April 11, 2023 – Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Office 2013 – End of Support.

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