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Microsoft even listens to users from time to time. Whiteboard was apparently so bad that they decided to listen to users and go back to the old version.

This story reminds me of a similar incident from 3 years ago, when Microsoft announced to their huge partner network that they were going to terminate the internal usage rights for the software. After two or three weeks of fierce protest from partners in all corners of the universe, Microsoft pulled back and partners are still able to use the licenses for their own needs.

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The evolution of real-time collaboration has a long history. When I was in my first job we were excited about the innovative and revolutionary Groove service. Well, in 2005, Microsoft bought Groove for USD 120 million and put the technology to very good use. The fruits of Groove can still be seen today, 16 years later, in SharePoint and OneDrive.

And now comes the next iteration of this evolution of real-time collaboration – Microsoft Loop. We’ll probably hear a lot more about it in the next 365×n days. Read more on the links below.

Microsoft Loop: What is it and how does it fit into Hybrid Work?

Collaborating on a Loop: Preparing for Microsoft Loop and the collaborative canvas.

Using Microsoft Loop Components in Teams.

6 Things on the Microsoft Loop Roadmap to Release.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to: Personalise PowerPoint with your own sketches. Draw illustrations for your own PowerPoint presentations. It’s not complicated. Everybody can draw. In this webinar, you get the basics of drawing and how to use these drawings in your presentations to make them more engaging.

After community outcry, Microsoft is dumping new Whiteboard in favor of the older UWP one. Apparently, the new Whiteboard that Microsoft pushed into production a few months ago was so bad that it drove users crazy. Microsoft has listened, and in the next few days the old Whiteboard will be available again.

Why you still need SharePoint. You might think that you use Teams and therefore no longer need Sharepoint. But the truth is that it is SharePoint that is the workhorse of most of the services within Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 vs. Dropbox: Which Is the Better Collaboration Platform? Dropbox was one of the first cloud-based file storage services. Even today, it’s one of the most recognised. When I explain what OneDrive is, I often say, “It’s the same as Dropbox, but made by Microsoft.” Which is better today?

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

A first look at the new Conditional Access condition : Filter for devices. Conditional Access is one of my favourite security features within Microsoft 365. It was announced at the Ignite conference that it will get some improvements which will bring more granularity in managing access on a per endpoint basis.

How to Use SharePoint’s Expiring Access Policy for External Users. The SharePoint Online expiring access policy controls how long external users can use a sharing link. You don’t have to use this policy, but it’s a good idea to configure it.

What happens if an error is made during an Office 365 migration? 3rd-party migration tools are not foolproof. Migrations can go sideways.

☁️Security & Data Governance

More details on Microsoft Defender for Business (MDB). We now know a few more details about the new Microsoft Defender for Business, which was announced a few weeks ago at the Ignite conference. Given that Gartner recognises Microsoft as the market leader in endpoint security, it seems to me quite likely that competing vendors are getting scared.

Microsoft named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Modern Endpoint Security for Enterprise and Small and Midsize Businesses. Not only Gartner, but also IDC recognises Microsoft as the market leader. What are their arguments?

Better passwordless logins are here. A small but welcome addition to the passwordless login process. Here’s how you enable it.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Amanda Sterner – My thoughts about Microsoft Ignite November 2021. An interesting overview of all the most important new features and products presented by Microsoft at the last Ignite event.

The Case for Azure AD Join. The Azure AD domain join still raises doubts among many IT professionals. This article discusses the reasons for switching to Azure AD join, debunks some of the myths about it and explains why Azure AD join should be your default choice.


31 December 2021 – Last day of Microsoft Open License Program (OLP). From the start of 2022 OLP products are available in CSP (source, source 2).

1 January 2022 – No more transacting in OLP program. From then on perpetual licenses are available in CSP.

1 March 2022 – First Microsoft 365 price increase since 2011 (source). It’s going to be a substantial price increase.

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