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Those of you who do not have a deep technical background and have never worked in IT support may not be aware that there is a special kind of humor among IT professionals. Humor whose tail is aimed at the dumb users. Abbreviations such as error ID10t or PEBKAC are well known. ID10t is self-explanatory. PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair, ergo the user is the problem.
Today I feel like one of those proverbialy dumb users who does not know how to work with computers, even though I have been working with them for the last 20 years.
Some time ago I bought the most expensive Sony noise-canceling headphones. When the headphones are in headset mode (during a Teams call) I hear all the background noise amplified. This somewhat beats the purpose of noise-canceling, doesn’t it?
It drives me crazy. Not sure, but maybe I’m just getting to old for this and I’m a representation of the ID10t error.

Have a great week.
Matic Z.


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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

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☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

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☁️Security & Data Governance

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☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

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31 December 2021 – Last day of Microsoft Open License Program (OLP). From the start of 2022 OLP products are available in CSP (source, source 2).

1 January 2022 – No more transacting in OLP program. From then on perpetual licenses are available in CSP.

1 March 2022 – First Microsoft 365 price increase since 2011 (source). It’s going to be a substantial price increase.

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