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☁️What’s on my mind

When I was filling up my car the other day, I looked at the fuel price list in awe and noticed with amazement that the price of petrol has moved dangerously close to an all-time high in the last week.
Am I scared of prices gone wild? Yes, of course. Will we survive this? Yes, definitely. Today we can afford to work more from home and spend less time commuting. And do far fewer kilometers/miles in the process.
At least our family is being saved by the cloud and modern technology.

Have a great week.
Matic Z.


We use Microsoft Teams on a wide variety of devices: some of us use Windows PCs, others prefer Apple computers, and still, others only use Teams on their phones. Some don’t use Teams at all, but would still like to join a meeting via the web interface. Lots of apps, then, but with some very different features and limitations.

Microsoft Teams desktop vs web version feature comparison.

Microsoft Teams Windows vs Mac desktop feature comparison.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Getting started with Power Automate for desktop in Windows 11. In my humble opinion, Power Automate for Desktop is one of the best things that Microsoft has included in Windows 11. Take a look at what RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is all about.

Easy Steps To Repair Microsoft 365 Installation. Yes, sometimes Microsoft Office applications start behaving strangely. What can you do to fix the problem? Read the easy solution in the article.

Microsoft Teams to automatically add webinar invites to attendees’ calendars. Not only will calendar entries be automatically added to the calendars of registered webinar participants, but other goodies are coming to Teams.

How to succeed with hybrid meetings. Now, as people are returning to their offices, more meetings are hybrid, some people are physically in the office, and some are remote. Such meetings can be quite challenging. How to structure and conduct them properly?

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

When and How To Effectively Use Microsoft Teams Exploratory Mode. Teams Exploratory are the only “free” Teams edition that can be used under specific conditions. Check your eligibility.

Darkweb, ransomware, and Human mistakes: recovery for Microsoft 365. Did you know that with Synology servers you can properly back up data from the cloud to your server? For free, of course. Join the webinar on this topic on 9 November.

How to Find Exchange Online Archive Mailboxes Close to the New 1.5 TB Limit. As I wrote in the last edition of this newsletter, Microsoft is changing the restrictions in Exchange Online Services. Find potential mailboxes that will cause you problems after the changes take effect.

How to Migrate Mailbox from Exchange Online to Exchange OnPrem. Hmmm. We’re all fleeing on-premise servers for the cloud. But what if sometimes we need to run in the opposite direction? That goes too, of course.

☁️Security & Data Governance

How cyberattacks are changing according to new Microsoft Digital Defense Report. Buying cyber-attacks has become as easy as buying chewing gum at the local newsagent. How have cybercriminals adapted to the new situation? The cat and mouse game continues.

Force Password Change without updating existing Password. Some users do not know how to change their passwords themselves. You can help them by going to the admin console and changing the password there and ticking the box that says they must change it the next time they log in. You are then faced with the task of delivering the changed password to the user in a secure way. Or you can use this nifty trick.

Phishing Awareness Training: 8 Things Your Employees Should Understand. Untrained users will always click on links. Even if they are not safe. They need to be trained, trained, and trained again.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Microsoft’s 5 guiding principles for decentralized identities. Digital identity is becoming part of our everyday lives. We should not be afraid of it. Well, if you’re reading this newsletter, you probably aren’t too afraid. In some countries, it is perfectly safe to buy a flat, get a loan, or vote with a digital identity. Are we being too trusting, or are we at the point where we can say that a digital identity is harder to fake than a traditional one, such as a passport?

Where is Microsoft Teams data stored? A comprehensive breakdown. The location of data within Teams is not entirely easy to locate. Teams is the hub of a multitude of Microsoft 365 services and some of them store data in unusual places.

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