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Are we becoming captives of cloud computing? We used to install a software package and use it for 5, even 10 years. Today, we see software updates every few weeks or months. Software manufacturers are adding new and new features and taking away old ones.

And that is where I see the problem. I still remember that Office 365 Small Business, when it still existed, offered companies the possibility of setting up their own public website in the Office 365 environment (on Sharepoint Online). Later, Microsoft removed that option, and that forced a lot of companies to look for an alternative solution.

Can we make a confident decision and implement one of these solutions in a company without fearing that it will be discontinued in a few years’ time because it is no longer worth the vendor’s while to maintain and develop it?

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On Friday, Microsoft sent out a final announcement that some older versions of Outlook will soon no longer be able to connect to Microsoft 365 services.
So it’s time to update your Office apps. The following versions will gradually stop connecting to Exchange Online servers from 1 November onwards.

Check out your versions of Outlook and act accordingly.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to move documents between SharePoint Sites without breaking the sharing links. Moving SharePoint documents around can be quite deadly for existing links you may have shared with others. Here’s how you don’t break everything.

Office for Windows is getting natural-sounding voices for reading your emails and documents. Read Aloud feature is getting updates. Can’t wait to hear that.

How to send conversations and emails between Teams and Outlook. Are you looking to send an email from Outlook to Teams or perhaps share a conversation from Teams to Outlook? Here is how to do this.

Using Polls for Better Engagement in Teams Meetings. Whether you’re doing a webinar or a team meeting, polls can be of great help. An engaged audience will be more focused on your presentation.

4 New Microsoft Stream Features You Might Not Know About. Stream is still developed and some new features are great.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

How to create new templates in Microsoft Lists for your organization. Lists is a powerful tool. Make templates available for your whole organization.

Your organization (tenant) is over capacity. Power platform or Dynamics 365 users can get this kind of message making sysadmins panic. Buying extra storage is very expensive. Learn more about what’s happening in the background of MS services to better understand what are your options.

CodeTwo: Centrally manage email signatures for Microsoft 365. One thing that Exchange nor Exchange Online ever had is email signature support for the whole organization. Yes, you could always do it in per user fashion. But centrally managed for a whole lot of users? Nope. 3rd party service providers do just that.

Microsoft Caps Exchange Online’s “Unlimited Archive” at 1.5 TB … or how “Unlimited” is no longer truly unlimited. Do you know how much can a mailbox grow per day?

☁️Security & Data Governance

Five tips for securing Microsoft Teams. Have you ever heard of a company that is 100% safe? Neither have I. There is always room for improvement. As Teams becomes more and more popular, security is also a constant concern.

Why a Potential Autodiscover Flaw is Just the Tip of an Iceberg. You may have heard that a potential vulnerability has been discovered in the autodiscover protocol. Experts are not entirely clear whether we should be concerned or not.

What You NEED to Know Before Enabling Conditional Access Policies in Microsoft Teams. With conditional access, you can get a lot of control over the tenant and how users access your company’s data and, ultimately, if they are allowed to access the data at all.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Why Aren’t You Creating Bots for Microsoft Teams? Building a bot used to require developer skills. Now, with the Power Virtual Agents (PVA) app for Microsoft Teams, you can create powerful chatbots without having to write a single line of code.

5 new Microsoft Teams Calling Plan countries, now up to 33 countries. PSTN calling plans are not new to the Phone System service. The only problem in the past was that these plans were only available in a small number of countries. The situation is greatly improving.

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