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It is quite hard for me to fathom how many things are happening in the Microsoft world lately. Not only has Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11, but it has also announced other services, such as Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, which allows managed service providers to manage the security of all their customers from one place.

But unfortunately, Microsoft also announced a number of changes to the pricing of most of the services. Based on today’s prices, some companies will pay up to 40% more for services than they do today.

But let’s wait for February 2022, when Microsoft releases the official price list.

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If you are a freelancer or a small business and you want to make yourself available to clients at specific times, so that your clients can choose their own time to meet with you, then of course one of the choices is the well-established Calendly service.
But did you know that Microsoft has a similar service? It’s called Microsoft Bookings and it does the job pretty well.

Bookings FAQ – Official Microsoft resource.

How to use Microsoft Bookings? A step-by-step video. Don’t forget to check guy’s other videos.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

20 Outlook Web Tips and Tricks 2021. 20 really great Outlook Web tips and tricks. I’m sure you don’t know about all of them. Youtube video.

A new Team or a Private Channel? If you’re deciding which to choose, this article will tell you the differences, pros and cons of each of these two options.

Why you still need a SharePoint Intranet. Now that there’s Microsoft Viva, you might be wondering why would you even have an intranet in Sharepoint anymore.

7 New Yammer Features You Need to Know About. Looking for a quick roundup of the latest Yammer updates? If so, click here for a handy rundown with screenshots included.

How to Back Up and Move Your Photos Between Services. An alternative to no longer free Google Photos service. Use your 1 TB of space for your full-resolution photos and videos.

How to Add OneDrive to the Windows Context Menu. What to do when context menu options are not there, but they should be? A quick solution in the article.

Beyond sharing your screen: Interactive collaboration with apps in Microsoft Teams meetings. Teams is so much more than just mere teleconferencing and screen sharing. Use Teams apps to collaborate on the next level.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: TAC Adds: PSTN Service Desk, Downloading Engagement Report, Webinar Registration and Cloud Recording for 1:1 Call. Detailed overview of configuring Teams and PSTN service desk.

Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning scenarios. When users in your organization are scattered all over the world you can use a few deployment tricks to make their Windows 365 experience great with the least network latency. That’s just one of the scenarios. For more, read on.

How to Control the Creation of Microsoft 365 Groups (and Teams) in a Tenant. Controlling the creation of Microsoft 365 Groups might seem complex, but it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Make sure Azure AD allows group creation, and then …

New Sender-Recipient Limits for Exchange Online Coming in September 2021. Exchange Online is a shared environment and some rules need to be in place to ensure everybody gets the most out of the service. Interested in what will the new limitation be?

Google Workspace to Exchange Online migrations now support Gmail Filter to Outlook rule migration. Ohh, yeah. The pain of recreating the Google Workspace rules in Outlook after the migration is gone.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Passwordless authentication with windows 10 and Azure AD. Passwordless authentication methods are more secure. With passwordless sign-in, passwords are replaced by a FIDO2 Security key.

Top 5 Best Exchange Online Security & Compliance Features. More and more countries are introducing modern laws on privacy protection and also on the security of electronic communications. Exchange Online is more or less compliant with all this legislation. Check what options it gives you in terms of security configuration and compliance.

Cybersecurity Paradigms – Is Remote Work a Hacker’s Paradise? A brief reflection on how hackers quickly changed their focus. They now attack identities, which is much easier than hacking hardware.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Azure Virtual Desktop vs Windows 365. The launch of Windows 365 took us all by surprise, as very similar services already exist in Azure. What are the differences between them and when to use them?

Office 365 10-Year Anniversary Series: Following Exchange into the Cloud. A brief history of the evolution from Exchange 5.5 to today’s Microsoft 365 flagship Exchange online. Very interesting read.

Why Microsoft 365 adoption projects fail. And when they fail, they fail big.

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