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I am almost shocked every time when I look at how many resources Teams app uses on my powerful notebook. At the moment I’m writing these lines it uses more than 1,5 GB of RAM. Unbelievable.

Microsoft announced that completely revamped Teams 2.0 is coming soon with the release of Windows 11. I am just hoping it will be updated also for business users.

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Windows 365 took me completely by surprise, I have to say. There were times when Microsoft was far ahead of the rest of the world with their NetPC concept. And there were times when Microsoft was ridiculed by the whole world because of its BOB user interface. Remember BOB? If you’re too young I suggest you don’t even try to google it.

But with Windows 365 they are spot-on. The world matured in the last year and a half. Especially the Business and Enterprise world.

What’s Windows 365 all about anyway? Simply put: it’s a”Windows computer” in the cloud, as powerful as you need it to be, accessible when you need it, and configured just the way you want it. Even more – it stays just the way you left it last time you used it.

A few resources covering Windows 365 in the last few weeks:

Introducing a new era of hybrid personal computing: the Windows 365 Cloud PC. The official Microsoft blog article.

Windows 365 / Cloud PC first takes and Windows 365 pricing: My predictions. Some solid guesswork about the pricing.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Current features and upcoming roadmap for Microsoft Stream (built on SharePoint). The new Stream will be referred to as “Microsoft Stream (Built on SharePoint)” while the old one will have “classic” in brackets. This official Microsoft article will shed some light on all that’s coming to the new version of the Stream service.

Now in public preview: Side-by-side and Reporter presenter modes. See the presenter and his/her presentation side-by-side. Reporter presenter mode is even more attractive and looks like out of a TV news studio. Learn how to enable these two presenter modes.

Microsoft flow examples: Save Office 365 email attachments to OneDrive for Business. A great Microsoft PowerAutomate example. In the article, you’ll find out how to save Office 365 email attachments to OneDrive for Business using Power Automate.

5 tricks that will make you a SharePoint Page Rockstar. Creating and managing SharePoint sites for clients can be a business idea by itself. Do you want to learn more about SharePoint? Follow these 5 tips to learn some cool features available to you on a SharePoint page.

Access files offline in Microsoft Teams. A great update that’s rolling out now. You can open previously opened files in Teams even if you’re offline. More about the feature in the article.

Conditionally formatting Lists – a visual IFTTT if you will. Especially when presenting important data some color and formatting can make a huge difference. What if your salary depended on it? Learn more.

How Long Can You Access Microsoft Teams Meeting Chat? The way how you’ve been invited to the meeting determines your inclusion in meeting chats. Changes are happening in the next few weeks that may affect you.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

How you can easily create amazing Teams Meeting demos. Release your creativity and make great meeting demos when training your colleagues or clients for proper Teams use.

New Microsoft Teams Certification Coming Soon: MS-720 Teams Voice Engineer. Microsoft announced a new Microsoft Teams Certification. It’s coming soon and it will be called “MS-720 Teams Voice Engineer” This blog post shares some details.

Basics of deploying AppLocker using Intune. Every business strives to make its IT environment as standardized and as secure to use as possible. The use of special tools is crucial. Intune is one of those tools and AppLocker is another. Prevent users to install certain (or any) apps on their corporate-owned computers.

Windows 10 Subscription Activation. Activating Windows 10 which comes with your Microsoft 365 subscription can be a bit confusing if you’re not doing it every day. In this documentation article, you’ll find a very detailed description and explanation of how Win10 Subscription Activation works.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Configuring Windows Hello for Business multi-factor unlock. You can use a face or other signal for the second factor of authentication. The truth is that many enterprises are not using Windows Hello for the authentication of their users out of some irrational fear. But multifactor authentication gives assurance that Hello is as secure as any other way of letting users into their computers.

5 Ways to Lose Microsoft 365 Data & How Backup Solutions Can Help. Have you heard about the disgruntled sysadmin guy who deleted a large batch of users from Azure AD? He got a hefty slap on his wrists which he’ll remember for years to come. At least some kind of procedure for such cases should be in place in every company. Backing up crucial data is definitely one of those.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Let’s build a timer app for Teams meetings. Great community article. A great addition to the Teams meetings that many times tend to conclude much later than they were supposed to.

Microsoft says LinkedIn is now a $10 billion business. Have you ever wonder why did Microsoft acquire LinkedIn five years ago? It was quite natural step for Microsoft as its main revenue stream is coming from Businesses and Enterprises.

Microsoft 365 exams: The importance of certifications for tenant administrators. Do certifications benefit you professionally? Why take M365 certification exams? I think your career (if you’re an IT professional) and your business (if you use Microsoft 365) may depend on those certifications.

💻 Slightly Off-Topic

Is Microsoft’s Claimed 250 Million Teams Monthly Active Users Believable? Tony Redmond is skeptical about Satya Nadella’s claim about 250 million daily users that Teams allegedly has.

10 Tips for Getting Started With Home Automation. If you’re reading this newsletter I assume you may be into new stuff, new technologies. And Home Automation is a vast universe by itself and as such a great playground to learn cutting edge tech. How to start? Listen to this guy in the video.

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