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☁️What’s on my mind

One of my favorite tasks, before I leave for vacation, is setting up the out-of-office notification in Outlook letting every that cares enough to read it know that I’ll gladly let others do the work I usually do. Ohh, by the way – did you know you can set the out-of-office notification in your Teams, too?

Yeah, you guessed it right. I’ll go off-grid for a few days. But don’t worry. The next issue of M365 Weekly Newsletter is already in making and will be scheduled to arrive in your mailbox next week.

Have a nice week.
Matic Z.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Teams Introduces New Attendance Reporting Dashboard. Now rolling out to Office 365 tenants, Teams meeting organizers can review the attendance data for meetings and webinars in a new dashboard.

Record, View and Share Microsoft Teams Private Meeting Recordings. As long as Teams recordings were stored in Stream service sharing those recordings was a nightmare. Now with OneDrive as storage for recordings, sharing became much smoother.

How to use a custom connector in Power Automate. Let’s face it: there’s always a connector missing to achieve the task at hand. So, let’s build a custom one.

10 ways to use OneNote for Project Management. To tell the truth, OneNote was not built for project management. It’s a simple, yet powerful note-taking app. It lacks some basic functions, too. Like word and character counting. But still, someone found 10 ways to use it as a project management app.

Microsoft Planner Gantt Chart with Power Apps – download your own! When you ask Microsoft when would Planner get support for Gantt charts they say that you should really use Microsoft Project. The author of this article was not satisfied with the answer and made his own Planner Gantt Chart power app. And you can download it for use in your environment.

Microsoft’s new Fluid Office documents are coming to life in Teams, OneNote, and more. In the words of Microsoft: a completely new collaboration experience that will exist across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

☁️Sysadmin Stuff

Exchange user best practices script. A simple, yet very informative script that will give you a quick overview of how mailboxes in your organization conform to best practices. For example: quickly find out which users have automatic forwarding enabled – that is considered a very bad practice.

Manage Microsoft 365 Users, Licenses, And Groups with PowerShell. Super useful collection of 15 scripts to manage users, groups, and licenses. Scripts create various reports from licensing overview to list of distribution groups with members listed.

OSDCloud. The idea is simple: to image a computer or virtual machine by booting into the WinPE environment and download it all from the cloud. In less than 10 minutes.

Understanding the Impact of Latency on Office 365 Service Performance. Do you know what is the main problem with using public DNS services instead of your ISP’s? Your ISP’s DNSs are directing you to the closest servers with the least hops and therefore hopefully with the shortest latency. Public DNS servers are not aware of your location.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Defender for Office 365 Ninja Training. On-demand training with lots of lessons and covering email security and some advanced topics as SIEM, automation, hunting, and attack simulation.

Introduction to security tokens. Tokens are practically everywhere. Want to learn how and why they work so great and why they are secure?

Managing Office 365 Quarantine Confusion. The must-read for sysadmins that want to learn how email quarantine works and what you can do to optimize the quarantine management process.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

3 Things to Look for in the Best Microsoft 365 Backup Services. In case you’re still deciding which Microsoft 365 backup service to choose, here’s a quick overview of what parameters you need to consider.

Build your own home office room display system. When you work from home and your home office is already taken by some other family member, you know it’s time to consider building your own screen that will show who and for what reason occupies your sacred space. Or simply let your family members check whether you’re in a meeting and they should not disturb you.

☁️On a Less Serious Note

Funny cloud computing meme.

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