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There are at least two large groups of 3rd party services that you can append to Microsoft 365 subscriptions. In the first are backup providers and in the second security providers.

Whether you actually need backup in Microsoft 365 or not is still widely debated. But at least with the security, it should be clear: more security is better – onion principle and whatnot.

What backup and security providers do you use in your Microsoft 365 ecosystem? Drop me a line or two.

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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Teams Gets Automatic Meeting Recording Option. Teams meeting organizers will soon be able to configure an option to start recording when the meeting starts.

Enroll in FREE OneNote 101 7-day email course. Very neat and useful email course about using OneNote for better productivity.

How to present videos in Microsoft Teams meetings WITHOUT LAG using web streaming & PowerPoint Live. Need to present a video to a group of people online, but when you play it on your computer and share your desktop, it’s laggy and dropping frames for others in a Microsoft Teams meeting, or maybe it’s missing the audio track?

Microsoft Teams: Using Lobby Screens & Countdown Timers. A few of great tips & tricks for more attractive and professional looking Teams meetings and presentations.

Why you should disable shared notes in Microsoft Teams meetings. Shared notes base on the wiki functionality and they are not accessible anywhere else in M365 ecosystem except. Some prefer to disable this functionality and here’s how you do it.

“Notify your team” option when you upload files to SharePoint. A neat little feature you can use to make your coworkers aware that you uploaded very important new file to SharePoint document library.

How to Mute Teams Notifications. From disabling your notifications completely to muting selected ones, this guide can help you through it all.

Microsoft Outlook extension is now available in preview for Edge. Manage your email accounts, write emails, etc. directly from the Edge extension. It’s basicly Outlook for Edge, so to speak.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

5 commands to try in CLI for Microsoft 365 to fall in love with it. Microsoft 365 CLI is an alternative way to manage the M365 ecosystem, it’s easier to learn than PowerShell and it can run in any browser, and much more. Find out more in the article.

Is Your ISP Lying to You? Are you sure that your network is routing your office 365 traffic optimally?

Run as feature for Microsoft 365 Admin roles. If I remember right sysadmins got the “run as” option back in the days of Windows XP. Similar functionality is available in the M365 admin center.

☁️Security & Data Governance

15 ways to make your SharePoint Site more secure. In case you are worried about the security of your content on a site, you can make your SharePoint Site more secure by following these steps.

Outlook Mobile Introduces Its Own Delegation Model for Mailbox Access. Outlook Mobile now allows users to create delegates for their mailbox in the app without going near administrators. Sounds good, but Outlook Mobile uses its own delegation model

Microsoft Extends Teams Retention Policies to All Licensed Office 365 Accounts. Microsoft announced a bunch of changes for Microsoft 365 records management on May 19. The most interesting changes are allowing all licenses Office 365 accounts to use Teams retention policies.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Formstack: 82% of people don’t know what ‘no-code’ means. Despite massive growth in no-code tools, only 18% of people are familiar with the no-code concept, said Formstack.

How Office Suggests the Most Relevant Files to Users. An update to Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise, aka Office Pro Plus, means that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now suggest files which users might want to open. What’s the magic behind this?

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