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Each user in Microsoft 365 (Exchange online) mailbox can have a lot of alias addresses besides the primary email address. Those addresses could even be on different domains – depends on whether you added some other domains into your M365 tenant or not.

For years I’ve been ridiculed by sysadmin gurus that are using “serious mailing systems” mostly built on Linux and mail transfer agents you can find there. “You can’t even send mail from an alias address in your Microsoft mail server, lol, rotfl, …” were they saying.

Ok, not anymore. It was about freaking time that Microsoft enabled something so basic. Now you can send mail from your alias address and your email message will have even have your reply-to address correctly configured.

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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to move files from OneDrive to SharePoint using Power Automate. Keep reading to know more on how to move files from OneDrive to SharePoint (and vice versa) using Power automate.

How Shortening Outlook Meetings Might Give Users a Break. Microsoft introduced a new organization setting for Office 365 tenants to have Outlook shorten meetings automatically. The idea is to create a break between meetings to give people time to decompress and prepare for their next call.

How to spend less time organizing your agenda with Bookings, FindTime, Cortana & MyAnalytics. Keeping our calendars as a representation of our daily agenda is crucial, especially when we have more meetings than ever before. Here are some ideas on how to let smart tools integrate with Outlook so that you need to spend less time scheduling meetings and have enough time to get the work in between your meetings done.

Change your own profile picture as a Guest in Microsoft Teams. When you’re a guest in a tenant that is not your own your identity is mostly represented with a boring circle with your initials. There is a way to change that to something more suitable.

Express yourself in Teams with live reactions. In addition to virtually raising your hand in a Teams meeting, it’s now possible to express yourself in other ways to help make Teams meetings more inclusive, engaging, and fun!

Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams meetings. How to disable those annoying pop-up chat notifications? Can you show the presenter and presentations side-by-side? This and some other questions are answered in this article.

ZoomIt. Zoomit is a presentation utility, part of Sysinternals tools suite with many useful tools, mostly for computer geeks. But this one can benefit all. When you’re presenting and giving live presentations of your screen and want to make it bigger to stand out, you can use ZoomIt.

37 Microsoft Teams Tips that will help and save you time in 2021. Quite an extensive collection of really neat tips and tricks you need to know if you’re a daily user of Teams.

10 things to know about storing Teams meeting recordings. Read on to find out if your stream recording can be made accessible to the external audience like we always wanted.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Choosing (and implementing) your strategy for personal devices. In a recent Microsoft blog announcing some cool new discovery features in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, there is an interesting (but hardly surprising) statistic shared: your users are 71% more likely to be infected on an unmanaged device.

New Exchange Online Feature Supports Sending Email from Proxy Addresses. A new Exchange Online feature allows users to send email using any of the SMTP proxy addresses assigned to their mailbox. An Outlook update will make the task easier, but for now it’s reasonably straightforward to send a message.

New Exchange Online Admin Center Loses Some Magic, But It’s the Future. Microsoft says that the new EAC (Exchange Admin Center) is ready to use. We will have to get used to it whether we like it or not. I just hope it will be faster than the “old” one.

Email filtering reports. There are some really nice and helpful email reports in your Microsoft 365 Security console if you haven’t taken a look recently.

How to make yourself an Administrator of any SharePoint site. Warning: it’s a clickbait title but a good one. You still need to have all the right permissions to make yourself the god of SharePoint sites.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Classifying records in Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is not a recordkeeping system but a collection of multiple applications that may create or capture records, primarily in Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint, OneDrive and MS Teams (and also Yammer).

4 External Sharing Scenarios to Consider in Microsoft 365. Is your organization new to allowing guest access in Microsoft 365? Click here for 4 must-consider scenarios for external sharing.

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May 12, 2021. Teams Nation Community Conference. Free conference for Teams fans and users.

May 28, 2021. The Microsoft 365 Ecosystem: What You Should Know. Free community pass.

☁️Noteworthy (long)reads

Microsoft’s virtual datacenter grounds ‘the cloud’ in reality. What is a cloud and how do data centers really looks like? Take this virtual tour in text and video and learn how Microsoft builds its own data centers.

Microsoft Would Like Office 365 Tenants to Use Bing More – So Here Comes Microsoft Rewards. A hilarious attempt to persuade users to use Bing more (than Google).

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