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Even (or especially) clouds are prone to major FUBAR accidents. A few days ago we were all witnessing serious issues with Azure AD which resulted in an almost complete halt of the whole ecosystem.

When you can’t log in to M365 it means you, obviously, can’t use a single service that resides behind that login wall.

Where does that leave us? Helplessly waiting for MS teams to resolve the issue knowing that we can’t do anything to expedite things.

While back Microsoft promised they will be upgrading SLAs for Azure AD to 99.99% on the first of April this year. It was heard that this incident happened due to some changes they were trying to do to tighten the reliability of Azure AD to meet the new SLA promise.

BTW … Did you know that the free email service Gmail launched on April 1, 2004? It was not a joke, was it?

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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Microsoft 365 (over)simplified. The most simple explanation of M365 services you can get on the net. A must-read for all the noobs out there.

Power Automate Learning Resources. Power Automate is a whole galaxy inside the M365 universe. Here you will find an official technical documentation and some other great resources to further explore the subject.

Creating Microsoft Teams Video Backgrounds. Ever wondered if there was a simple way to create an animated/live background for your Teams calls? It’s not a straightforward path but it definitely exists. Check it out.

Different ways to access content stored in SharePoint. You can access it in file explorer, browser, Teams app, and even in Outlook. And we’re not finished yet. Read the article and all will be clear.

Microsoft Teams Connect Aka Shared Channels Coming Soon. Microsoft Teams Connect, a new way of collaboration based on federated shared channels, is now in private preview and should be available later in 2021.

Microsoft 365 licensing diagrams. PDFs and SVGs you can use to better understand or just to explain to someone what services are included in different suites.

9 Microsoft OneNote tips for better productivity. Using OneNote? You’ll find some really nice tips and tricks in this article.

Host webinars in Microsoft Teams. Deep dive. Doing webinars in Teams just got a lot easiear. Here’s how.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Microsoft 365 Mailbox capacities and sizes. The size of your mailbox may depend on the Exchange Online Plan you have. But the story gets a bit complicated when you count archive and compliance mailboxes.

Azure Speed Test 2.0. Latency times to determine the fastest Azure data center “near” you.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Understanding permission groups in Teams and SharePoint. One of the most confusing aspects of Teams and SharePoint in Microsoft 365 is the relationship between permission groups used to control access to both of these resources.

Microsoft Exchange exploitation: how to detect, mitigate, and stay calm. The truth is that there’s a lot of Exchange servers that are still not patched, or patched but with backdoors that make your organization look like Swiss cheese. I know this article is mostly not related to the cloud but this is one of the most pressing security issues of the last few months.

10 Reasons to love Passwordless. 10 part series about why passwords are not a thing anymore.

💻 Upcoming Webinars

March 22. – March 24, 2021, Education Exchange 2021. This previously invite-only event is going public and free.

March 29. – April 1. 2021. Microsoft 365 Governance Mini Summit Week. One session a day. Free online event.

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