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Unless you’ve been living under the rock you’ve probably heard about some really serious vulnerabilities Microsoft patched last week in on-premise Exchange servers. Tens of thousands of exchange servers mostly in the US, but otherwise globally, have been compromised.

And now a punch line: Exchange Online service was not vulnerable. As far as it is known Microsoft knew about vulnerabilities since January 5th and I guess they have patched Exchange Online in really short order.

In the light of these last events, it’s getting clearer that on-premise infrastructure is inherently more vulnerable than cloud.

I really think it’s time to fully embrace cloud and leave on-premise solutions to cover specific needs.

Have a nice week.
Matic Z.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to Add a Microsoft Teams Chat Link to Your Email Signature. Very good advice for the case when you’re trying to add a new communication channel to your signature.

How to Play Video & Music Properly in Microsoft Teams. Ever tried to play a video in Teams and nobody heard the sound from video? You have to include computer sound. How to do it? Watch this video.

Microsoft’s Bringing Text Predictions and Modern Comments to Word. Microsoft is bringing two new features to Word: text predictions and modern commenting.

Whiteboard for Enterprise explained. PDF document with info how to use this “infinite digital canvas” tool.

Blocking Download Permission for Teams Meeting Recordings. Since Microsoft is changing where meeting recordings are stored (OneDrive instead of Stream storage) there are some changes to the security and permissions side of the story. Read this to get a clear overview of what will happen. It’s quite a difference if you’re in a private chat/meeting or a channel chat/meeting from the security and recording accessibility standpoint.

Sending files in Outlook… attachments or links? Old school email and Outlook users prefer to attach files. But is this still an optimal way to share files with others? Was attaching files ever optimal at all? In my humble opinion using email as a way of sharing and storing files is a serious abuse of the email service itself.

OneDrive: Differences in synchronization. You can fit 30 million documents in the SharePoint document library but you can sync to the computer only a fraction of that. Why?

New Microsoft Lists adoption center. If you like the idea of Lists you can use prepared resources to make adoption in your organization even easier.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Why your approach to external sharing in Microsoft 365 is wrong. A list of bad sharing practices and a list of better practices you can use instead. Share safely.

Email overrides are not the best practice. Managing (spam) false positives with whitelists and other overrides is not the best solution. For starters, you can open yourself to phishing and spoofing attacks. In the article, you can find some true alternatives and configuration best practices for Exchange Online Protection filters and ways to find out what is already passing undetected into your organization.

Microsoft Teams Policy Settings Not in the Admin Center. The Teams admin center is a great resource, not every Microsoft Teams policy settings or configuration is available. PowerShell to the rescue!

☁️Security & Data Governance

Search, Sort, and Filter for Conditional Access is now in public preview. Azure and Microsoft 365 intertwine in some parts. Azure AD and security that goes along with it affect both parts of Microsoft cloud services. Azure AD conditional access is getting new features that will help you manage Azure AD with more ease.

Microsoft Teams Beats Zoom With New Security and Privacy Features. The ongoing Teams v. Zoom rivalry continues as Teams is getting new security features that may sway you to ditch Zoom if you’re still using it.

💻 Upcoming Webinars

March 29. – April 1. 2021. Microsoft 365 Governance Mini Summit Week. One session a day. Free online event.

What to expect for the 2021 workplace. What has changed in the past year and what’s going to stay.

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