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Recently Microsoft announced a brand new Teams PRO plan which is going to help webinar creators to streamline the registration process. You will be able to create a custom registration page and I guess you’ll have (at least some) basic analytics that is important to those who are producing webinars.
But Microsoft wouldn’t be Microsoft if it hadn’t completely messed-up the communication regarding the launch of this new Teams PRO plan. Will it be a completely new plan? Will it be available for an additional cost? Will it be available for at least some of the existing M365 subscribers for no additional cost?
Let’s wait for the middle of March when this new plan will get into production.

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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Custom registration pages coming to Microsoft Teams meetings in March 2021. Teams is getting some cool new features that will be very helpful for those who regularly do Webinars for their customers. The custom registration page is just one of the features in the newly announced Teams Pro plan. But yet again Microsoft stirred up people on social media because their communication was not clear. Read more here: Microsoft Confuses Everyone with Teams Pro Service Plan (or License). On top of that change, the usual monthly additions to Teams are still on-going.

How to Make Someone a Presenter in Microsoft Teams. Let any attendee/meeting member present in Microsoft Teams using these simple steps.

Microsoft Teams — 10 tips to start 2021! A few of powerful tricks you can use to boost your productivity while using Teams.

Teams Desktop and Browser Clients Get Offline Sending Capability. That means that you won’t be needed to be online when working with teams. Messages you’ll send will wait in the queue until you connect to the internet. This feature coming soon.

Disable Attendee’s Video in Microsoft Teams Meetings. Disabling an attendee’s video is not yet implemented in Teams. But it is planned for deployment in April. Great news for those that don’t want to look at their unshaved coworkers in pajamas on the morning calls.

What is Microsoft Viva? — for regular people. What is Microsoft Viva and how does it impact you as a regular person?

What is Shared mailbox in Office 365? We can use a shared mailbox for Office 365 for a group of people that allows to send and receive an email from a common mail address.

What is Microsoft SharePoint and How Can I Use It? An overview of the SharePoint service inside a Microsoft 365 suite. Why and when to use SharePoint to make yourself and your organization most productive.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Microsoft to Crackdown on High Volume Microsoft 365 Email Offenders. In case when some of your users receive an excessive number of emails per hour(3600+) the mail flow to those users will be throttled by Microsoft. The large volume of incoming mails is mostly a performance issue that is affecting a lot more users than just your organization tenant.

Microsoft 365 Mailbox capacities and sizes. Your mailbox has quite a larger capacity as you may be aware of. Actually it consists of three different storages that each serve their own purpose.

Devices or Users: When to target which policy type in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). It depends, says the author of the article. Are you trying to control an experience based on who the user is, or what device they are using, and what type of policy or profile are we working with?

☁️Security & Data Governance

New Exchange Policy Configuration analyzer. I have to say I’m fascinated by how cool some admin features are becoming. For the example look at this new Exchange policy configuration analyzer. The result is a list of recommendations. But what is the real added value of the tool is the fact that you can implement those recommendations by simply just clicking on the “adopt” link. Everything else is done by the admin console.

Microsoft will alert Office 365 admins of Forms phishing attempts. Microsoft is adding new security warnings to the Security and Compliance Center (SCC) default alert policies to inform IT admins of detected phishing attacks.

💻 Upcoming Webinars

February, 24, 2021: Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance User Group meetup. Free online event.

February 27, 2021: Scottish summit. Free online event.

March 2-4, 2021: Microsoft Ignite 2021. Free online event.

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 — which one is it!?!? The gradual name change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 is a bumpy road and one that is quite confusing.

I looked at all the ways Microsoft Teams tracks users and my head is spinning. Microsoft Teams isn’t just there to make employees’ lives easier. It’s also there to give bosses data about so many things.

Microsoft 365 Community Content. Did you know that Microsoft encourages users to share their best practices and other useful content? You can find it on this link. A very good resource for everybody searching real-life use case scenarios for various products and practices.

Will Microsoft Teams replace email? Of course it will. Just like radio replaced newspapers and just like TV killed radio.

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