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Back in 2014, I was servicing small business clients. One year earlier we were one of the early birds among Office 365 resellers. OneDrive was already a part of the suite at that time, and it was, mildly put semi-finished and subpar service.

Microsoft was pushing partners hard to sell this “product”, but in good conscience, I couldn’t. In a fury, I even wrote an article for a computer magazine. The premise of the article was that OneDrive is a crappy product that shouldn’t be sold to customers unless you want to get rid of them. I vividly remember the-day-after as Microsoft’s representative called. “How could you write something like this???!!!! You beat the hand that feeds you!” Ohh, yeah? Ohh, those were the days …

But 7 years later the picture is very different. OneDrive is a well-accepted and mature service that is working as expected. And in February MS is lifting the file size limit to 250 GB per file. Nice, isn’t it?

Have a nice week.
Matic Z.

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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

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☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

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Office 365 Roadmap Watch. It’s not always easy to watch Microsoft 365 Roadmap closely. This tracks changes to the official Roadmap.

Why Do You Need to Backup OneDrive for Business? Because of shared responsibility. End-user is responsible for the data and who’s accessing it. Human error can be quite damaging when it comes to losing data. So I guess relying on a 3rd party backup products is a good solution. Better safe than sorry.

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☁️Security & Data Governance

A little bit more security. Security is never an absolute and is … Security is never absolute and is largely about defense in depth. That is, adding more layers of protection.

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💻 Slightly Off-Topic

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