[m365weekly] #15

☁️What’s on my mind

It’s Christmas, so Merry Christmas to you, my dear reader and thank you for reading my weekly newsletter. I’ve come to Issue #15 and it seems I’m forming a habit out of it. I enjoy every minute of preparing the newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading it.

This week’s issue is shorter because I’m celebrating Christmas with my family. See you next week.

Have a nice rest of the year. Matic Z.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

How to get a moving background in a Microsoft Teams meeting (+ other fun things). An ability to have a moving background in Teams is not yet implemented. You have to become a little bit creative to do it. Great how-to article.

☁️Sysadmin Stuff

Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps to remote workers. How to push Office apps to the remote workforce and not to bring VPN connections to a halt.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Microsoft Illustrates the Breadth and Depth of the SolarWinds Hack. By now I’m sure that everybody has heard about the hack of the century. Microsoft’s team played an important role in uncovering and investigating what happened. Security journalist Brian Krebs has done some great in-depth reporting about this matter (article here, and here, and here and the latest here).

A little bit more security. Security is mostly about the onion principle. Adding more and more layers. There’s never enough of those layers. Did you know you can fine-tune malware protection in Exchange Online? More in this how-to article.

A breakthrough year for passwordless technology. Do you still have some doubts about the passwordless sign-ins? I am. I’m not completely sure I can trust Microsoft, considering all the past debacles they had with identity management. I still don’t know how could they allow that a user can have a personal and work account with the same login email. Utterly confusing.

💻 Upcoming Webinars

January 14, 2021. We’re moving to Microsoft 365, now what? Meetup.

Why Facebook Is Bad, Twitter Might Be a Little Bit Good, and Social Media Is Rotting Our Brains. Great profile of Jaron Lanier, who is questioning our conscience and our relationship with social media.

External Sharing – it’s not just about documents! Managing information security, preventing information leaks and whistleblowing is a hard task. Both management and employees have to be involved in securing the data. Technical measures are just train rails that keep everyone in check.

☁️On a Less Serious Note

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