[m365weekly] #11: External auto-forward is disabled by default. Good or bad?

☁️What’s on my mind

In the last few weeks, some Microsoft 365 admins are complaining that their users cannot use automatic forwarding to external addresses anymore.
It is not a bug. It’s a (security) feature. Microsoft did that on purpose to tighten the overall security of the Microsoft 365 environment.
In the end, it always pays off to read Message center posts.

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💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

Yet another Tool? Why you will probably love Project Moca aka Outlook Spaces. Project Moca is another try on how to organize the data you store across the Microsoft 365 services. Will it fly this time?

Microsoft Launches Dataverse for Teams, Formerly Microsoft Dataflex. And formerly also known as Project Oakdale. Am I the only one who’s confused with Microsoft’s naming policies? Nevertheless, it is important news that Dataverse for Teams is now generally available.

OneDrive Tips for Beginners & Pros. I regularly come across users who constantly somehow mess up their OneDrive files, sync, etc. I suspect that the main reason for that is the complexity of OneDrive. Users know very well how easy it is to navigate around Dropbox. But when it comes to OneDrive they freeze.

How to Sync Teams files to a PC. A very extensive how-to guide with screenshots. As the author says: Clicking on the Sync button in the Files tab is NOT the best way to Sync Teams files to Windows 10 desktop. Excellent article.

Teams – Scripting and Music on Hold. How to change the default “on-hold” music in Teams? Here’s how …

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Use Plus Addressing in Microsoft 365 to create email addresses on the fly. It is news to me that you can also create email addresses on the fly with the plus sign in the email address. But it needs to be enabled in Exchange Online. Top feature!

OneDrive | Exclude specific kinds of files from being uploaded. Another great in-depth article.

Download: How to Migrate Exchange to Office 365: Step by Step. By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail. Migrations can be smooth as long as you do your homework.

The “Five Rules of Fields” for File Server Migrations to Microsoft 365. A must-read for all those who are preparing to move their file server to Microsoft 365.

☁️Security & Data Governance

No Question That MFA Should be Used, But Is It Time to Dump SMS? Another great article by Tony Redmond. It’s time to move from SMS-based authentication to an app-based one.

Microsoft Clamps Down on Automatic Mail Forwarding in Exchange Online. Automatic mail forwarding is a big data loss risk for companies. With new default settings organizations are a bit safer.

Privacy campaigner flags concerns about Microsoft’s creepy Productivity Score. Microsoft’s new Productivity score is raising quite a bit of privacy concerns.

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  1. December 2020 – aMS Germany Community Meetup.

3. December 2020 – Hindsight’s 2020: How to Cleanup Microsoft Teams After the Rush to Remote Work.

10. – 11. December 2020 – Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference Virtual Event. Keynotes and sessions are free to attend.

💻 Podcasts

The Practical 365 Weekly Update: S2, Ep 5 – New Teams features and Exchange forwarding changes. If you’re lucky and you still commute to work in the lockdown you may as well use your commute time to learn about new stuff that’s happening in Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Podcasts for the win!

How to Migrate the Department of Defense to Office 365. I’m sure it’s not easy.

The enduring problem of emails as records. Ever wondered how to preserve email heritage? I have problems reading my email archives from 1997 that I had in the Eudora email client. Is there a way to read emails from Outlook Express archives in 2020? What may be the best solution to preserve emails that need to be preserved for future generations?

☁️On a Less Serious Note

How the hell did the reference to the small fruit blueberry end up in Teams? Tony Redmond’s investigation into the matter. Is there something big cooking at Microsoft?

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