[m365weekly] #9: 🤯 IT Pros are obsolete. Are they???

☁️What’s on my mind

I remember the times when Microsoft was launching Office 365. There was a lot of panic among IT Pros. Mostly they were afraid they would become obsolete as nobody would need MS Exchange experts anymore (Exchange Online was core service at that time). But I think we now live in the best times for IT Pros. Just click through the links below. Do you think an average user could manage M365 him/her self?

Old school IT Pros will have to come to terms with the new reality. Being an IT pro is not merely box moving and server installing task anymore. We are becoming business consultants among other things. A podcast to listen to on the matter at hand.

Are you IT Pro? How do you think our landscape is changing? Are we losing ground under our feet? Hit reply. I would really like to hear what you think.

Have a nice day. Matt.

💻 Productivity & Modern Workplace

24 New Connectors Released in October 2020! The number of connectors can break or make an automation service thus adding new connectors is a vital part of Microsoft’s development of the Power platform. Among the new additions are ClickSend SMS, CRM Bot, Zenkraft, etc.

Live London Underground Line Status – SharePoint View Formatting & Power Automate. A real-life example of how simple and powerful SharePoint and Power Automate combination is.

Extending Microsoft Lists templates with View Formatting. Some may think that Lists templates included in service are just examples with no value. But you can change them to serve your purpose. So, if they are not useful, make them useful. Not familiar with Listy yet? Listen to the video you can find in this article.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Hard Mute. How to hard mute the participants in Teams calls. Great screenshot based how-to guide.

Microsoft 365 hits 30 billion daily collaboration minutes (DCM) and over 115 million Microsoft Teams daily active users (DAU). Fascinating statistics. Unimaginable numbers. Around 575% a year by year growth. That’s mostly the coronavirus effect.

What are Microsoft Teams live events? Did you know you can host large events on Teams? It’s called “Teams live events” and the service is getting updated regularly.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Microsoft 365 All Tenants list is rolling out. This is great news for sysadmins that manage multiple tenants. Not long ago I was working in a company where we were managing over 100 tenants. Bach then the ability to manage multiple tenants from the same session was gravely missed.

Allow administrators to delete any chat message in Teams. Admins are not gods anymore. As a global admin, you can restrict them or give them more control over things inside Microsoft 365. Deleting chat messages could come in handy especially in an educational environment.

SharePoint documentation. Sharepoint documentation hub for professionals – a good starting point for sysadmins and users.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Immediate steps to take if you experience a Microsoft 365 data breach. Data breaches are nasty events. They are very stressful on both management and sysadmin staff. There are a few things you need to do the moment you realize you were breached.

Microsoft Clamps Down on Automatic Mail Forwarding in Exchange Online. Automatic email forwarding outside the organization tenant is a big security risk so you should consider some actions to prevent that. With new updates from Microsoft, you now have some controls.

💻 Podcasts

Tom Arbuthnot on MJFChat Podcast: The Role of the IT Pro in a Microsoft 365 Cloud World. Are IT Pros obsolete?

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