[m365weekly] Issue #1: Powershell scripts for M365

Microsoft 365 ecosystem is getting a lot of traction last few months amidst the Covid global changes. I was among those who lost a job due to the pandemic but fortunately, I was able to get back on my feet in short order.

My 9-to-5 now is being a Cloud Pre-Sales and Technical Specialist at one of the European IT distributors. Each week I sift through a whole lot of Microsoft 365 resources like official Microsoft technical documents, Youtube channels, blogs, podcasts, social media accounts, and other useful resources.

What you are reading now is my first attempt to make a digestible summary of all the interesting stuff I found in the past week on the topic at hand. Expect a fresh new issue of M365 Weekly every Friday.

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P.S.: You can always send me links and resources that you find useful and I will try to include them in the next issues.

☁️Productivity & Modern Workplace

Organization Assets Library. Ever wonder how great it would be if you could access your corporate PowerPoint, Word, Excel templates, or logos from a centrally managed location? Now it’s possible to upload those templates and pictures to a dedicated SharePoint document library and set it as Organization Asset Library. Your users will never ask you again where they could find official company templates.

Microsoft Stream external video sharing. According to Microsoft’s Roadmap the last change of Feature ID: 27728 was 8/21/2020 and it has a status “in development” and planned for release in Q4 2020. Much needed feature that would make Stream finally useful. For now, the workaround is to download a video and upload it elsewhere (OneDrive, Dropbox, Youtube, etc.).

Adding extra SharePoint Online storage is expensive. Is there another way to add extra storage to your SharePoint Online? I guess there are a few workarounds.

☁️Security & Data Governance

Conditional Access (CA) – Want more control over access to Microsoft cloud services? Conditional Access is really neat way of controlling how users access your organisational resources in Microsoft 365 or Azure. Quite informative and in-depth blogpost.

SharePoint and OneNote used for phising. Villains always find a way to abuse perfectly good tools for doing harm. Be aware of the new phishing threat.

☁️ Sysadmin Stuff

Powershell Scripts for M365. There is only a finite number of things you can do through admin consoles in M365. For the rest, you need to use Powershell. Stank58 created a set of useful Powershell scripts that are ready to use and will make you significantly faster in your daily M365 sysadmin tasks.

How to handle Microsoft 365 Backups? Interesting podcast episode by Mary Jo Foley covering a question of Office 365 backups. She’s interviewing Steeve Goodman, MVP. Do we need a backup of Microsoft 365 data? Interesting Goodman’s statement could raise brow but on the other hand, it’s only logical: “I think Microsoft 365 has been designed so it doesn’t need backups. So I don’t see Microsoft in the short term, introducing a dedicated backup service where they might take a full copy of the data and back that up to tapes or discs in another region or data center.” What do you think?

💻 Noticed On Youtube

Microsoft Teams Superheroes. Want to dive deeply into Microsoft teams? You need to check this Channel.

Great videos to prepare for MS-900 (Microsoft 365 Fundamentals) and AZ-900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals) from a tech professional for tech professionals.

☁️On a Less Serious Note

☁️ Last but not least …

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